Morris and Eftis

Kindergarten morning club and afternoon club

The kindergarten’s morning and afternoon clubs (Morris and Eftis) are available at school. These groups are for kindergarten children needing care outside of the kindergarten daily hours. You may apply for a place for your child at any time during the school year. Morris and Eftis for kindergarteners meet in the same place as kindergarten. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a faculty member.

Morris and Eftis for students in special education classes

Morris and Eftis are organised every day for pupils who attend special education classes. Even students from neighbouring municipalities who attend our school have the right to apply for places in morning and after school care. The staff that leads Morris and Eftis for our students with special needs are well-educated in guiding and supporting individual development. We follow a weekly schedule and often focus on specific themes and activities that stimulate the senses.