Kindergarten at Kyrkostrand-Jungman School

Kindergarten at Kyrkostrand-Jungman School consists of two groups, the Strawberries and Blueberries. Each group has two general kindergarten teachers in addition to one who focuses on special education. Further, there are two caregivers in each group who support the students in their early childhood development. Each group is made up of 16 students. The pedagogical starting point of kindergarten education is play. We prioritise being outdoors and learning through experiences. We also make tentative attempts at getting acquainted with school assignments as we take small steps towards the school world

Kindergarten hours

The kindergarten schedule follows that of the academic year. Kindergarten is 19 hours a week during the 2015-2016 academic year: Monday 9-12, Tuesday-Friday 8-12. For morning and afternoon care, there is a kindergarten morning club as well as a kindergarten afternoon club on school grounds. Please follow our times for dropping off and picking up your children, and always notify us via Wilma if your child will be absent. On 01/08/2015, it became compulsory for all children to start kindergarten during the year they turn six years old.